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Archives Booster Pack

Archives Booster Pack

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1 booster pack of Worold of Warcraft TCG Arcives.

Archives will include reprints of iconic items like: Twig of the World Tree, Wraith Scythe and the Bringer of Death. Popular abilities such as: The Taste of Arcana, Mortal Strike and Eye of Kilrogg. And powerful allies: Water Elemental, Myriam Starcaller and Marksman Glous.

The most popular cards from the first 3 years of the World of Warcraft TCG in foil. The most popular Loot Cards from the past sets.

Such as:

  • Rare: Spectral Tiger, X-51 Nether Rocket, Riding Turtle, Big Battle Bear
  • Uncommon: Robotic Homing Chicken, Banana Charm, D.I.S.C.O., Fishing Chair, Paper Flying Machine, Tabard of the Flame, Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit, Sandbox Tiger
  • 20 Different foil Hero cards. The first time ever that foil Hero cards are available
  • Each booster pack contains: 10 cards per pack (9 foils, 1 Crafting Card or Loot Card)